Solaris FX — studio,
where the most daring ideas in the field of visual effects become real.

We create 3D mapping, multimedia installations, 3D animations,
projection and LED shows.

We develop concepts, write scripts, draw sketches, animate, composite and render. And this is all — in order to give the viewer new impressions, to discover new facets of habitual objects and to tell exciting stories in a unique language of visual images.


We do

3D Mapping
The main direction of our studio. For us it's a favourite visual tool, by means of which we can stream magic to reality. With the help of the projection, you can show what is hidden behind the architecture of the building, the stage of the theatre, the body of a new car – we can shed light on the mystery of any surface.

We can change the surrounding space, filling it with new meaning. Installation with the volumetric-spatial composition, allows the viewer to immerse himself in an unusual, unexplored world and see the usual things from a different angle. We create installations for museums, exhibitions and presentations.
To tell an interesting story, you need to pay special attention to the visual component in. We are constantly improving our 3D animation skills to create truly magical projects.

Show content
Creating a unique atmosphere that emphasizes the action on the stage is a very important and interesting task. We try to feel the atmosphere of the show and visualize the most daring and unforgettable images.


Lev Tolstoy str., 9, St. Petersburg
Smolensko 10B str. Vilnius, LT-03201
Technical base